A Chew Controversy


Rawhide chews, a longtime favorite of dogs have come under fire lately for their supposed health risk along with their manufacturing. Typically made from the inner layer of beef hide, a rawhide chew is valued for keeping a dog’s teeth clean, jaws strong, and for satisfying their natural instinct to chew, which helps to relieve them of their anxiety and boredom.

The chew controversy essentially comes down to two points of discussion. The first being incidents of dogs that were reported to have choked to death from indigestible pieces that splintered off, and the second from poor quality control where chemical contaminates and other toxic substances have caused manufacturing issues by foreign companies, especially China.

Chloe has always preferred her “American” made rawhide braids over rubber toys, and other types of chewable objects since she was a puppy. We monitor her chewing time, and remove the braid from her when it gets to be two inches or so in length, or if the braid becomes undone.

We particularly avoid foreign made rawhide by purchasing only made in the USA labeled products. I can honestly say that the rawhide chew has saved us against countless damage to clothing, shoes, and most notably the wooden legs of our furniture.

Chloe with her rawhide chew.

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