Chloe's Confidant


con-fi-dant : a trusted friend

Christmas 2012 with the family, meant a house filled with people plus a dog. Within that number were four granddaughters and two grandsons of various ages that ranged from a baby, to toddlers, to teenagers. As usual our cocker spaniel girl, was in her element of socializing, snooping, and being her inquisitive self throughout the gathering.

The toddlers as you might have guessed were not into Chloe’s friendly but persistent nature, and instead spent time playing with their collection of new dolls, and watching a favorite Disney movie for the umpteenth time.

Our oldest granddaughter, Anne, on the other hand helped to hold down the fort by limiting Chloe’s mischief with wrapping paper and boxes that quickly gathered on the floor, not to mention the empty plates of food that appeared in abundance. Anne who had valiantly served during the early months as our puppy watcher and as a summertime dog walker, was also in her element as, Chloe’s confidant.

Chloe snoops among the Christmas gifts.
Anne keeps Chloe inline.
Chloe's confidant, Anne.

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