Head Fake


Saturday’s excursion not only brought Chloe face-to-face with hot air balloons, but we encountered an unusual object next to the sidewalk on our way to the park. Normally we might find a ball or two, and once we even encountered a backpack that had been tossed into the curb with its contents strewn around as if somebody had deliberately thrown it out of a passing car. 

In the early morning light I thought this strange object was a cat at first, even though that explanation would seem a little odd, since I don’t know many felines that would sit down in the street unless they were sick or injured. Holding Chloe away from the scene, I had the opportunity to lean over and take a closer look. At first it startled me, until I soon realized it was a blonde wig draped over a styrofoam head!

An unusual object encountered.

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