My Dog Chloe & Me



My Dog Chloe & Me. It’s an adventure in capturing the everyday experiences of sharing my life with Chloe, our American Cocker Spaniel. What may seem like another trivial day that is common and routine, can on closer examination be often turned into a memorable short story, and when you really think about it, isn’t this how our lives plays out, …as an accumulation of many little stories? 

Living in the high desert of New Mexico, My Dog Chloe & Me, sees life in its simplest form, like walking a trail at sunrise, greeting neighbors, and knowing that sharing kindness can make a daily routine a lot brighter.

When a dog comes into your heart, it changes everything.


  1. She is really cute. Love her white, fluffy paws too!

  2. Thanks Sandy, Chloe is really cute, and that comes from the people that we meet on our daily walk each morning. As a matter of fact, these same people know Chloe by name, but they don't know mine. She gets all of the attention.


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