Camp Bow Wow (Part 2)


Chloe smiles at Camp Bow Wow
One of the primary reasons in having Chloe attend Camp Bow Wow was due to the fact that many kennels will mix both large and small sized dogs in one common pen. Not so, at Camp Bow Wow where they separate the large dogs from the small. This gives you peace-of-mind to know that your small cocker spaniel will not be sharing their activity space with a large rottweiler, or Great Dane.

Camp Bow Wow also requires that you bring your dog for an “interview” session to see if your pet can psychologically fit into their scenario for all day playing with other dogs. This interview is offered as a “free” all day doggy daycare for your benefit if you choose to use it as such, but the minimum interview time, where your dog gets to play with the other dogs, and to see if your pet will adjust is three hours.

Prior to bringing Chloe for her interview on Saturday morning, I made a separate trip to Camp Bow Wow several days earlier to view the size of the play areas, the overall cleanliness, and to see if what they were saying on their website was in fact the truth.  I was given a guided tour of the facility from both a knowledgeable and friendly staff member without any pushing or hard sales pitch to enroll Chloe into their kennel.

As a result of my advanced surveillance mission, I came away quite impressed with the facility, the friendliness of the staff, and how things were run at Camp Bow Wow, but the real icing on the cake for me was the fact that I can see Chloe in the play area by way of a little app on my iPhone, via video cameras that are set-up at the kennel.

This alone gives you a sense of relief that at any time you have the ability to check-in on your puppy!  Camp Bow Wow advertises this video over Internet feature as “addicting” to the pet owner, and I can tell you, that after we dropped Chloe off for her three-hour interview, both my wife and I couldn’t stop looking at my iPhone screen over our lunch at a nearby restaurant, and pointing out there’s Chloe!  

If you truly love your pup, and want to see what they’re up to while at Camp Bow Wow, this little iPhone app will certainly become addicting. I should also disclose, that I was not paid by Camp Bow Wow for this written endorsement, but I will gladly accept a free day of doggy day camp, or overnight camp boarding, if anyone at Camp Bow Wow is reading this.

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