Disney's New Lady and The Tramp



Disney's new "Lady and The Tramp", a remake of their classic 1955 film.

Some people believe that whatever you do, never remake a classic, or in the case of Disney’s stable of movies, never try to outdo the past. I’m talking about the newly released 2019 Lady and The Tramp movie that features both a live cast of dogs along with their computer-generated images or CGI counterparts.

Just recently, Chloe and I watched Disney’s reinterpretation of their famous 1955 classic, Lady and The Tramp. In place of the iconic and animated film characters of the fifties, the new movie ushered in a mixture of CGI talking dogs with their real-life counterpart. Disney had a budget of sixty million dollars in which to show off their blending of real life and computerized acting dogs that played the parts of both Lady and Tramp.

The back stage story of the dog actors is quite fascinating when you consider that both the leads of Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel, and Tramp, a mixture of breeds, were handled by two untrained canines discovered by Disney through a nationwide search of rescue dogs. The primary aim of the search was to find two dogs that could resemble - in real life - the appearance of the classic 1955 film characters. Lady had to be tan with white coloring across her chest and muzzle, while Tramp had to feature the grayish tones of a Schnauzer-Terrier mix.

In my mind, Disney perfectly matched the imagery of the classic Lady and Tramp with actual dogs, while only using their CGI stand-ins to handle the dogs’ speaking parts. I’m sure if Disney had a bigger budget - since $60 million only goes so far - maybe they could have gotten the real dogs to speak, but that’s for another story!

I give the new 2019 Lady and The Tramp remake, two thumbs up, while Chloe followed with a solid three paws out of four - but that’s only because she wanted the acting part of Lady! Hey Disney, why didn’t you come to Albuquerque with your search!

PS | Tramp was played by Monti, a rescue dog that had been kenneled in Las Cruces, New Mexico!


Lady is played by Rose, an American Cocker Spaniel.

Comparing the 1955 iconic characters (top) with their new 2019 live action actors (bottom).

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