Exiting the Deep Freeze



Chloe gives me the look, that it's great to be out walking again after the deep freeze.

While neighboring state Texas was exhibiting a once in a life time big freeze that knocked out both power and water in some places, and even had people huddling indoors with layers of blankets - our part of central New Mexico got by with a pass. Don’t get me wrong, it was cold here, especially at night which brought in several inches of snow, but our electricity, along with the natural gas supply never missed a beat. 

New Mexico’s deep freeze conditions, however did put a damper on walking all last week with wind chill temperatures in the single digits, particularly since Chloe and I usually mark our time out the door at 6:30 am. By weekend, the deep freeze was over and our walk to the park provided only minor traces of snow still visible. 

With the freeze over, this snow man spends its last hours on earth.

Chloe in her military "at attention" pose on our Saturday morning walk.
When you lose the ability to walk for a week because of extreme weather conditions - even Chloe is on her best behavior!

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