"Doctor in the House"


Dr. Mary England, and her assistant visit with Chloe at home.

Those four words describes the services that ABQ Mobile Vet provides to their customers in the Albuquerque metro area and surrounding communities. In short, the doctor comes to you! It’s actually an old business model when the medical profession truly made house calls, treating both humans and animals alike. You may even remember the British television series, All Creatures Great and Small (1978-1990), that was inspired by a British veterinary surgeon who would travel the English countryside tending to farm animals in the 1930s to 1950s. 

In our situation, we used the mobile vet to examine Chloe, who was showing early signs of arthritis. At eight years of age, her playfulness of jumping onto my lap, and her foot stool were now being met with indifference, something she never exhibited before. For all of her cocker spaniel spunkiness, getting into the car for a visit to the vet or even the groomer, has never ranked highly on Chloe’s list of activities, triggering her stress meter to go off the charts. Compound that to a wait in the vet’s office for your turn to see the doctor, her anxiety level notched up even further. But, now with the ability to bring in a mobile veterinarian for just a few dollars more, we finally got smart by having the doctor in the house!

PS: Chloe is doing fine, even returning to jump up on my lap and foot stool. Our mobile veterinarian is Dr. Mary England, DVM - a former doctor of Chloe’s - that has moved to the mobile side of the profession. 

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