Chloe's Ornament


Chloe's Ornament

It’s that time again when boxes of Christmas ornaments for the tree make their way from the garage to the living room. It’s also that time when one inquisitive cocker spaniel makes her present known by showing us how to arrange such ornaments by removing them from the tree. 

Chloe checks out her new ornament.

Fortunately, those were mostly days of Christmas past when Chloe - the puppy - would grab the low-hanging ones and quickly trade them for a treat. Little dogs and fragile tree ornaments don’t exactly mix. This year, I thought it was time to give Chloe her own special Christmas ornament. 

Hopping onto the internet - which for me is searching no further than Amazon - I found the perfect ornament with a look alike portrait, all for under 7 dollars. One can’t go wrong with that, and with Amazon Prime, it even arrived at our doorstep in just 2 days.

Chloe remarks, "Looks like me!"

In a brief unboxing ceremony, I showed the ornament to Chloe, all the while telling her she wasn’t to mess with the Christmas tree this year. I think we got her buy in especially now that she has her very own decoration hanging from the tree and so far; no rearranging of the tree!

"Looks great, let's just hang this one on the tree!"

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