Bobcat Awareness


Chloe checks our bobcat posting on the park's bulletin board.

It appears that the number of bobcat sightings is picking up speed with weekly image postings on the Nextdoor internet app. Community residents are capturing these elusive predators sitting on their property walls, on their lawns, and even just strolling down the street. 

In an effort to inform those neighbors that may not be using the app, Chloe and I decided to post a bobcat warning notice on the park bulletin board. At least that way the many dog walkers that come through the park would be aware of the present situation.

Our notification had an image of the bobcat, to make sure that people could identify these not so friendly felines, and the primary safety measures that all pet owners should be practicing right now.

Bobcat awareness notification.
Chloe gives me the cocker spaniel look - "sign looks good" - time for my treat!

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