Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


Chloe pauses to the sound of something moving in the trail's underbrush.

Well that title is probably a little over the top, but here in the high desert of Albuquerque, it’s surprising how much wildlife we have within the city limits. No, Chloe and me haven’t seen any lions or tigers, but we do get bears wandering into the neighborhood from the mountains, and did I mention the coyotes!

I spotted two just the other day walking in tandem on the asphalt paved trail. 

Hey there’s even a rooster up the street, but that's on the farmyard list of critters! Our walking paths are loaded with rabbits, birds and snakes in the surrounding underbrush, although the last rattler I saw was on the local golf course.  Yea, we’re pretty blessed for living in an urban area with a lot of God’s creatures roaming the foothills and trails, which I might add, makes for some sweet hunting grounds for one cocker spaniel!

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