Dog Walking, the Ultimate Job?


Chloe and me on a walk.

Would dog walking be the ultimate job? If you had the opportunity, would you choose it as a profession? Obviously it depends on your perspective and what you value the most.

Maybe your goal is about 'earning money', Well, I hate to break it to you, but dog walking doesn't pay all that well.

Maybe it's about 'fame', but in today's society there aren't many famous dog walkers that I know of. Can you name one?

Maybe it's about 'prestige' in a job, or it's about stroking your ego. No, I don't think dog walking can do that.  

But consider this if you were a dog walker;

- Where else would you have an excuse to watch a sunrise in the morning.
- Greet your neighbors and fellow dog walkers each day.
- Get plenty of exercise.
- And of course be with that someone who is totally devoted to you.

"Hey Chloe! Let's go for a walk!"

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