The Creative Side of Dogs



The creativeness of dogs never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen videos of a dog surfing, a dog that could climb a tree, a dog that ran up walls, or how about a dog that could skateboard down the street? Certainly all unique activities that obviously involved someone who was behind their initial training. Most of these are best labeled as tricks, since they weren’t really initiated in the mind of the dog, but were taught the stunt by a human trainer. But what I’m talking about is when a dog actually initiates the idea themselves in what can only be described as creative.

Take for instance, Chloe’s level of interaction when she is off playing by herself with only her toys to amuse her. Of course you’ve heard me say that cocker spaniels are notoriously people oriented, they need to be in the company of humans, but I’ve watched Chloe play by her lonesome with only her many toys to keep her occupied. And I emphasize many toys, since I think she owns more than our kids ever had, or it certainly looks that way when Chloe has them sprawled across the living room floor! There’s the rabbit, the squirrel, the fox, the raccoon, the gator, and did I mention rabbit? Well there’s two of those! 

But her favorite toy is her lion, which has a long flowing black and brown colored mane. I’m not sure why the lion is her favorite, but I’ve watched her cuddle with him, carry him in her mouth, and even rest her head on him when she sleeps. No doubt, Mr. Lion is her pride and joy, but what really amazes me is to watch Chloe’s creativeness in styling Mr. Lion’s long mane, and it’s no ordinary coif I might add.

No, Chloe has learned to give her lion a “spiky do”, which I can only describe as being fashionable in a hip punk sort of way, but none the less, quite stylish coming from the mind of a dog. Her secret is to lick the top of his head until the mane stands straight on end in a spiky fashion. As I said in the beginning, a dog’s creativeness never ceases to amaze me, and now that Chloe has displayed her creative side as a coiffeuse, maybe it’s time I sent her off to earn a living.

Chloe clutches Mr. Lion between her paws.
She also likes to hold him in her mouth.
But most of all she likes to rest her head on him.
Mr. Lion's "spiky do" coif, by Chloe.


  1. You know she might have potential as a hair dresser or maybe Hollywood?

  2. You could be right, that hipster punk look is all the rage.


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