Winter Storm?


Hoping for snow this weekend!

On our Christmas Eve walk this afternoon, we couldn’t help but notice the looming grey sky, the cold temperatures, and a few snow flurries, and according to the latest forecast they’re predicting a nice size winter storm coming this way by the weekend. Now it’s not going to be in time for Christmas day tomorrow, which according to my memory seeing anything white on the ground for December 25th has been especially rare in the high desert.

Snow typically comes to this part of New Mexico in January, even though last week’s blog posting was all about the six inches that fell in one evening, but the "El Nino" jet stream appears to be set in bringing us more moisture this winter. 

For Chloe, who really enjoys the snow, here’s hoping for one big blast of that white stuff! 

Chloe on the lookout for snow today.

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