Life is Good


Chloe waits for a dog snack from Judy.

It’s another weekend in the high desert and the late August calendar shows summer will soon be winding down. Morning temperatures are still warm reaching into the upper sixty-degree range and that New Mexico sunshine is also in the forecast. A pocket with a few of Chloe’s favorite Charlee Bear snacks, and a water bottle to keep her from getting dehydrated, is all that we carry, save for the exception of a new pocket sized camera that I want to try out.

On Saturdays it’s Chloe’s turn to pick the direction that we should travel once we close the house door behind us, and inevitably she chooses a round about street path that eventually leads to the open walking trails. As we turn onto the trail this morning we also catch a glimpse of Judy, that although she is now minus her dog, Biscuit, she still carries plenty of dog treats for all the canines she greets. 

Chloe of course never misses the opportunity to beeline it over to her and instantly she has me running in that direction holding onto the leash. In the blink of an eye, Chloe has consumed an alligator followed by a peanut butter dog snack before we resume our walk along the trail. 

I’ll have to say, and I’m sure Chloe will agree, life is pretty good here in the high desert!

Chloe pauses to have her picture taken this morning.

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