Photo Shoot on the South Lawn


Chloe posing for me on the South Lawn.

With a little more than a week gone by since the start of summer, the high desert is already seeing temperatures soar into the triple digits. That means walks begin before sunrise along with placing a limit on Chloe’s afternoon chasing of birds and butterflies. At her recent grooming, we’ve also seen to it that she would be styled with a more receptive summer haircut that included removing her lower body skirt of fur. It’s already proving to be beneficial in keeping her cooler with less panting.
A trimmer haircut that's cooler for the summer.
Sporting a trimmer look, I decided that this past Saturday would be a good time to capture Chloe’s new appearance in a photo shoot on the “South Lawn”, which is simply a more classier way of saying the backyard. Besides if the White House can use the term the “South Lawn” which by the way is where the President holds most of those national photo ops, so can we, and yes our backyard also happens to be on the south side of the house.

Of course after seeing me with my camera, Chloe wasn’t all that thrilled about another photo session. I also wanted to try this without handing her a treat for every pose like we had to do with that green screen photography. So off to the backyard,  ...I mean the South Lawn to capture a little history!

Our South Lawn photo shoot on Saturday.
Giving me ...a big smile look.
Giving me, ...this is so boring look.
Giving me, ...a camera stare look.
And of course, me her silly look!

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