"Stay Out of the Flowers!"


Spring time in the high desert means lizard hunting.

"Stay Out of the Flowers!" is what Chloe often hears when she's in the search of lizards (New Mexico Whiptails) in the backyard. She lets nothing get in the way when she's on the hunt, and she rarely heeds the warning. More than once the marigolds have been caught up under her footsteps as she sniffs every corner of the flowerbed in an attempt to flush out her prey.

We've even tried installing barriers but they tend to distract from seeing the flowers. Instead we've taken the route of training through verbal commands by letting Chloe know where it's acceptable and not acceptable to set her paws down. So, while she's getting better at taking our cue, it looks like another planting of annuals may not make it to the end of the Spring. 

"Chloe! ...Stay Out of the Flowers!"

Chloe walks ever so close to the flowers while hunting for lizards.
The raised wheel barrel protects the flowers from Chloe.
A lizard is spotted and she's going in for a closeup look.
The end result of Chloes' paws on the flowers.

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