Last Night's High Desert Snow!


Snow doesn't phase Chloe.

Well, we finally got snow in the high desert! Fortunately we're not in New England where 4 feet might be the norm, but I’ll take the 6 plus inches to remind us that New Mexico still gets snow. Of course, the white stuff didn’t phase Chloe’s hunting heritage one bit, but it did require some brushing to get the clinging snow out from her coat. 

Here are a few images from today's early morning jaunt in the backyard.

More than knee deep in snow, Chloe  poses for a picture. 
A security check at the backyard gate. 
Those long ears act as snow magnets.
Her hunting heritage keeps her on the trail of a scent. 
She conducts her security round in walking the backyard perimeter.
Our cocker spaniel in a full snow stride!

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