Feeling "Under the Weather"


Chloe peeks over the covers, as she rests on her footstool.

"Feeling Under the Weather"

The phrase is thought to have evolved from maritime sources in the 1800s with an association to a sailor’s health. It means to have a feeling of being seasick or not being well. Often the sailor was sent down below, or under the deck of the ship and out of the weather to recover.

Unfortunately that phrase applied to Chloe last week when her health took a downturn. Whether it was a result of having spent four days at the kennel, or her trip to the groomer several days later, where both occasions had her around other dogs, it’s hard to know for sure where Chloe may have picked up a bug that had her overly sneezing.  For a little over five days, Chloe’s normal paced slowed down as she was under the influence of what seemed like a cold. Interestingly enough a dog can actually catch a cold and show symptoms similar to humans. 

She never lost her appetite, or the need to take in water as we kept a close watch on her.  By early last Saturday the sneezing had subsided and our visit to the Vet on Monday reassured us that she was on the mend with her immune system having kicked in.

We also suspended our daily walks when she first showed signs of being under the weather, but getting a cocker spaniel to actually slow down and rest is difficult where she had to settled for a wandering of the backyard during her covalence.  We expect to get back on the trail next week. 

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