Chloe's Lost Puppy Pictures


Chloe's, lost puppy pictures.

Even though I consider myself to be very organized, especially when it comes to working on architectural projects, there’s bound to be a time or two when a document, or drawing becomes temporarily misplaced. It’s especially prevalent when using digital media that can get created on multiple pieces of equipment.
For instance, I have the ability to take pictures of Chloe using several different methods. There’s the iPhone camera that comes in handy for spontaneous picture taking particularly since I carry this with me all the time. There’s my small pocketable Canon Powershot camera that is ancient by today’s standards, but still takes nice images. There was also a very small Canon Elph series camera that I just sold in anticipation of purchasing a newer model. Of course if you’re writing a blog that requires taking pictures while walking the dog, the gear has to accommodate the single hand holding technique, i.e., the camera needs to be held in one hand, while you grasp the dog’s leash with the other hand. But, that’s enough about the blog’s equipment.

The puppy pictures that are posted below were found on my iPhone, apparently buried in the device’s digital memory for the last two years. These were taken in late February 2012, about two months after Chloe came to live with us. Setting up this classic scene, she is enjoying a dog biscuit in the backyard. I believe it’s an all-natural biscuit from Blue Buffalo if you’re into the details.  

During those early puppy days, Chloe would stay in her crate until noon time where upon I would return home for lunch, let her out, and allow her to exercise her legs, not to mention enjoy a snack like that biscuit. We also employed our granddaughter, Anne, during those days where timing from the end of her school day meant that Chloe only stayed in her crate for another two hours after my lunch break, before being allowed to roam free once again. …I should also add that Chloe is a big girl now, matured by two plus years, and no longer requires staying in her crate, or Puppy Apartment, that was recently folded up for storage in the garage.

Chloe enjoys her snack where she uses her paws to hold the biscuit.
 Images are shown in sequence, taken February 2012

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