Arctic Winds Blow Through The High Desert


Chloe bolts for the trail this morning.

For the past two days, we suspended our early morning walk on account of the strong Arctic winds that were blowing through the high desert. In some cases the wind gusts had reached 50 miles per hour. Temperatures were in the low teens, but the wind chill factor made it seem well within the single digit and below numbers.

Now, try telling an energetic cocker spaniel that her morning walk needed to be curtailed, and you’ll see why Chloe was already bolting for the trail once we left the house. Two days of no formal activity for chasing rabbits, smelling the aromas on the trail, and greeting other dogs was certainly cramping Chloe’s style. So without a doubt, Chloe was ready for today. 

Finally, it's back to rabbit hunting,
...not to mention the smells of the trail.
It's good to be out walking!

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