You're Smelling a Little Doggish


Today on our walk Chloe tells me, 
"I'm a dog, how did you think I was going to smell?"

Today is grooming day for Chloe with a 9 am Saturday appointment at Completely Gone to the Dogs. I should add that it’s probably just in time as the southwest winter and our walks each morning on the trail are taking a toll on keeping Chloe clean.
It's been five weeks since her last grooming, but her insistence in wanting to chase rabbits that sit off the trail means carefully removing the small brush that easily gets caught in her long winter skirt, not to mention the adobe colored dirt that makes her white paws turn grey. 

Her fast growing fur coat also plays into the mix of maintenance. Of course, Chloe is all cocker spaniel, and smelling a little doggish as I tell her just before we go to the groomer, doesn’t bother her one bit.

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