Chloe's New Transport Module


A car journey with your dog is easy, provided they are well behaved, actually enjoy traveling, and are not in the puppy classification. Chloe, who had made a four-hour journey from her birthplace in Portales, New Mexico, along with car rides to the groomer, and to the vet is still caught between "I don’t actually like car travel," and "I’m still in the puppy stage." 

My dream scenario is that Chloe may actually look forward to automobile travel while sitting calmly in the back seat of the car. Unfortunately, that day is probably still in the distant future as she presently travels in a metal cage. My other dream, is that one day Chloe will actually be allowed to roam the downstairs of our house by herself, but that’s also a distant goal, as her mischievous nature still gets her into a lot of things when left unsupervised.

This week, I spent my evenings researching Chloe’s new transport module. The primary objectives were that it should be lightweight, could be setup and taken down easily, and would not take up much space when stored. At first, the canvas pop-up covered enclosures with zippered screen windows seemed interesting for their lightweight and portability, but the ones that were less than $100 were so poorly made with bad stitching at the seams, not to mention the cheap zippers, were really a waste of money. Other than containing some T-cup sized pet, or comma induced dog, they were certainly not strong enough to hold our cocker spaniel. The plastic manufactured containers on the other hand seemed very confining, and their storage when not in use was rather bulky.

This led me back to examining the metal cage style again where maybe a smaller sized unit might fill the bill. Comparing cages from Petsmart, Petco, Petland, and, I finally decided on one from Lowe’s for just $49, that happened to be designed slightly different from the others on the market. 

That simple difference was an additional "two inches" of head height in the cage’s construction, which makes for a remarkable airy enclosure, and one that allows Chloe to stand-up without touching the top.  Her new transport module has a small footprint of 24” length x 18” width x 21” height, by about 15 pounds in weight. I’ve also added a heavy-duty red colored floor pad manufactured by 'Kong', that makes for a comfortable and nicely appointed travel enclosure.

Chloe 'walks inside' her new transport module.
Chloe 'rolls inside' her new transport module.
Chloe gives the 'A-Okay' for her new transport module.

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