An Inflatable Christmas


As Christmas is just around the corner, Chloe and I have noticed quite a number of Holiday season lawn decorations starting to show up during our morning walk. They include such things as strings of illuminating lights, wreaths made of holly branches, oversized fabric ribbons, decorative faux gifts, skinny silver aluminum trees, and an assortment of …I don’t know what they were thinking of when they purchased that piece of Holiday yard art.

I get a kick out of the inflatable Santa Claus and reindeer, along with the other strange and assorted decorative characters that have somehow become synonymous with the Christmas season. Looking like a large piece of vinyl road kill in their compressed state, in addition to being placed in odd vignettes, these inflatable ornaments are apparently the new rage for Holiday cheer, and even Chloe has to stare and wonder at these colorful sights.

An inflatable bear, Christmas tree and reindeer.
Chloe Stares at Rudolph, as Santa and friend await to be inflated
Chloe examines the faux gifts and skinny aluminum tree.
An Inflatable Christmas  |  12.2012

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