Chloe's Twin For Sale at Weems Kennel


I always enjoy surfing over to the Weems Family Kennel website to see the latest offering that Chris Weems has in Cocker Spaniels. Just a few days ago, I took notice of the new cockers that were being advertised. One such sable colored puppy caught my eye, especially when I discovered how closely she resembled Chloe at the same age. 

This newest female pup from the litter of Eunice and Moose definitely has some of the same beautiful markings that Chloe had at around five weeks. Chris Weems goes on to describe her with a few short sentences on his website. “This pup is great! Her mother is Eunice and her father is Moose. Eunice and Moose always have nice puppies. This Cocker girl will be ready after 11-18-12.”

So, if you’re in the market for an American Cocker Spaniel that looks like Chloe, here is your chance, and …PS - she won’t last long at the Weems Family Kennel with her sable coloring. ( Going back into my archive of Chloe pictures, you can see just how closely they resemble one another at this early age.

The Newest Sable Colored Puppy For Sale at Weems Kennel
10.2012 (Courtesy of Weems Kennel)
Chloe at 5 Weeks of Age  | 11.2011 (Courtesy of Weems Kennel)


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